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DTPMPA- diethylenetriamine pentamethylene phosphonic acid liquid
Shandong Xintai Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.

Safe Handling Warning

Acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin. Once contacted, flush with water.

Package Label

Diethylene Triamine Penta (Methylene Phosphonic Acid)
DTPMPA CAS No. 15827-60-8 Dequest: 2060
Molecular Formula: C9H28O15N3P5 Molecular weight: 573.2
DTPMPA is innocuous, easy to be dissolved in acid solution. DTPMPA has excellent scale and corrosion inhibition and good thermal tolerance ability. DTPMPA can inhibit the scale formation of carbonate, sulfate and phosphate. On situation of alkali environment and high temperature (>210℃) DTPMPA has better scale and corrosion inhibition effect than other organophosphates.
Appearance: Brown transparent liquid
Active acid %: 48.0-52.0
Phosphorous acid (as PO33-) %: 3.0 max
Chloride (as Cl-) %: 12-17
Density (20℃) g/cm3: 1.35-1.45
PH (1% solution): 2.0
Fe ppm: 35 max
DTPMPA can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system and boiler water, and especially in alkali circulating cool water system without additional pH regulation. It can also be used in oilfield refill water, cool water and boiler water with high concentration of barium carbonate. When used alone, little scale sediment is found even none of dispersant is used.
DTPMPA can also be used as peroxide stabilizer, chelating agent in woven & dyeing industry, pigment dispersant, microelement’s carrying agent in fertilizer and concrete modifier. In addition, DTPMPA is used in papermaking, electroplating, acid cleaning and cosmetics.
Packing and Storage:
Normally 30kg net in drum, IBC, or per customers. Storage it in shady room and at dry places, warranty period up to 10 months.
Safety Protection: Acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin. Once contacted, flush with water.

Package Label:

Package Label
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DTPMPA diethylenetriamine pentamethylene phosphonic acid liquid
Product Information
Product Type BULK INGREDIENT Item Code (Source) NHRIC:70669-011
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
Inactive Ingredients
Ingredient Name Strength
PHOSPHONIC ACID 600 g in 30000 g
CHLORIDE ION 3900 g in 30000 g
WATER 10500 g in 30000 g
Product Characteristics
Color brown (brownish red) Score
Shape Size
Flavor Imprint Code
# Item Code Package Description Multilevel Packaging
1 NHRIC:70669-011-06 30000 g in 1 TANK None
Marketing Information
Marketing Category Application Number or Monograph Citation Marketing Start Date Marketing End Date
Export only 04/27/2016
Labeler — Shandong Xintai Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd. (421344832)
Registrant — VCYCLETECH CO., LIMITED (664010255)
Name Address ID/FEI Operations
Shandong Xintai Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd. 421344832 api manufacture (70669-011)

Revised: 04/2016 Shandong Xintai Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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